German Shorthaired Pointers


This is the place for German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) resources.  Whether you are a casual visitor current or potential owner of one of our puppies or dogs this section will provide you with valuable information about this breed of dog.  The more information you have and the more informed you are about the breed we feel you will make the right choice about this breed.  Information here includes health, activities and registration it is all here.


Orthopedic Foundation For Animals


All of our GSPs are health tested without exception.  In addition we conduct additional DNA testing to help with the future of the breed.  The OFA databases are core  to the organization’s objective of   establishing control programs to lower the  incidence of inherited  disease.  Responsible  breeders have an inherent responsibility to breed healthy dogs.  The OFA  databases serve all breeds of dogs and cats,   and provide breeders a means to  respond to the challenge of improving   the genetic health of their breed through  better breeding practices.    The testing  methodology and the criteria for evaluating the test   results for each database  were independently established by veterinary   scientists from their respective specialty areas, and the  standards   used are generally accepted throughout the world. The OFA databases are listed to the left of this page and are expanded as more tests become available.


German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America (GSPCA)

Parent Club recognized by the AKC network of pure breed breed organizations.  Provides education and information about the German Shorthaired Pointer breed.  Is responsible for the breed standard and competitive events for those interested in competing with their dog .  Holds Nationally recognized Hunt Test, Field Trials and Conformation Specialty Shows.  It is further sub-divided into regional German Shorthaired Pointer Clubs around the country.

America Kennel Club

Parent Club.  Includes a variety of information about all breeds.  It is also the Home of the Companion Animal Recovery (CAR) Program.  Your new puppy is per-registered with the CAR services by this kennel.  In addition the official GSP  breed standard from the parent breed club is posted here.

Missouri Department OF Conservation

Contains a wealth of information not only about hunting and fishing regulations but a broad range of conservation activities.  They have everything from Youth programs, hunter training, upland bird conservation and how to properly build and stock a pond.  Great resource for the hunter or the hiker.  Spend time with your canine companion in Missouri and enjoy the great outdoors.