German Shorthaired Pointers

GSP Pedigree FAQ

GSP Pedigree Example

How do I read the Pedigree information?
The above image provides an overview of fields found once you have selected a GSP record.  Not all record entries will have all the information displayed above.  Things such as CHIC/OFA Numbers may be added if we were able to find a record for this dog in the OFA/CHIC database.  No information here does not mean there is no OFA or CHIC qualified record,  We are going through 27,000 records not all have OFA data assigned. 

Do you error check the data base?
Yes we run a variety of error checks on the data keep in mind there at close to 30,000 records in teh database.  Error checking is performed after bulk record processing.


Required Testing of a record

- Data integirty errors - 0 errors

- Missing parents - 0 errors; empty parent records are not seen as an error.

- Born before parents - 0 errors

- Duplicate registration - 258 errors actively being worked.

- Gender match - 0 errors - was there a male and female parent


Optional testing of records.

- Similiar names - Varies not an error but is reviewed

- Litters born closer than 5 months apart - 0 errors

- Dams / Sires younger than 12 months .

- Dams / Sires older than 12 Years - artificial insimination has to be accounted for.


I found information in the data base that I believe is inaccurate or missing how can I have it corrected?
Information in the data base is built on the best information available at the time.  You can send documentation through e-mail, we will review the documentation provided if it can be verified the records will be corrected.  We validate records based on AKC or other Foreign registries.  We will then contact the breeder of record to validate the information.  If the information can be validated it will be corrected.  If the information at the registry needs to be corrected you will have to work with that registry service to have the record corrected before we will change the record in our database.

I see some records have a photo can I add a photo?
We will add a photo based on the following conditions.  You are the owner of the dog.  The photo is one of the dog only, and it is not a copyrighted photo.  Most professional and show photos are copyrighted by the company taking the picture we will need their permission to be included.  Send qualifying photos to e-mail.

I would like to add a pedigree for a dog other than a German Shorthaired Pointer will you accept their pedigree?
No, we only provide this service to German Shorthaired Pointer owners.

Can I link to a pedigree from here on my own website?
Yes, Search for the pedigree you want to link copy the link in your browser and use it on your website.  We do not recommend any pedigree over seven generations, as these pedigrees are created dynamically.

Can I add my own pedigree records?

To maintain the integrity of the data base we only allow specific people familiar with GSP pedigrees to add entries to our off-line data source which feeds the data on the website.  We specifically review each addition and once verified it is then added.

How long does it take to have a record updated?
For the breeder of record we update records in 24 hours.  All others are updated when validated with the registry and breeder of record if available.

Do you charge for this service or use?
We do not charge for this service.  Data here is also protected from web bots/robots harvesting records.

I have additional questions about German Shorthaired Pointers where should I go?
See our Resources Link.

I have a large number of German Shorthaired Pointers I would like to add to the database.  How do I go about adding them?
If you use PedX or Breedmate software you can export the information in standard TXT comma delimited, CSV, or XML file and send to e-mail.  You may want to contact me first as some of the user based fields in PedX we have modified to include OFA information.  If you do not have PedX or BreedMate contact us ahead of time and we will send you the field list we will need in CSV or XML format.  CSV files must be comma delimited.

Arfin exports use:
%2|[Name] [Obedience]|[DOB]|%3|%4||[Titles]|[Reg No.]|[Colour]|[Sex]|OFA/CHIC Number [CHIC]
Note for Arfin exports colour is spelled correctly for the export it is based on teh UK spelling of color.