German Shorthaired Pointers

About Us

Brown Family Farm & Trading Company is a small family farm owned and operated in northern Missouri.   Autumn Oaks German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) Kennel while the most publically visable activity is but one acivity at this working farm. 

Autumn Oaks Farm has three primary objectives


Privately owned and managed “German Shorthair Pointer” 50 acre dog training facility registered
and inspected by agents fromm the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC).  This facility operates operating under permit number 0023857.  This facility does training for our German Shorthaired Pointers for competition.  This facility it is not open to the public and is available for inspection by our puppy clients.

Private Land Management , wildlife preservation and restoration project with mentorship from MDC Private Land Conservationist Jamie Ebbesmeyer, and MDC Forestry Conservationist David Vance with a specific focus on restoring upland bird populations through actively managed pasture and woodland units.

Self-sustaining farm facility & world class dog kennel facility producing international
champion field and conformation German Shorthair Pointers.  Our program is about quality German Shorthaired Pointers not quanity or the number of Champions we can produce in any given year.   We only raise German Shorthaired Pointers.


    Guiding Principles


        - Dogs #1 priority.  Right puppy to the right home

        - All GSP puppies health tested and microchipped

        - All GSP puppies sold on Contract no exceptions

        - We do not sell breeding stock to the public

        - Our breeding stock is Canine Health Insitute Certified

        - Promote dog & owner training

        - Promote competitive dog & owner activities

        - Our puppy's always have a home at our kennel.